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Financial Dashboards

Financial reporting dashboard

Financial Dashboards

Financial dashboards are transforming decision-making for businesses by enabling the visualization of key data.
Tools consolidate a company’s Key performance indicators in one place while presenting a real-time snapshot of financial position, helping to inform future planning. Visual picture that dashboards create not only makes it easier for everyone in the organization to understand exactly what is going on, but also highlights actionable steps that can be taken to boost performance.
Businesses used profit and loss reports along with balance sheets generally. Whereas increasingly management wants to see more information presented graphically to have greater visualization. That is where Financial Dashboards can show their potential and resourcefulness too. They provide a greater insight than traditional Profit & Loss reporting therefore being preferred.

Why Financial Dashboards matter

Graphs and visuals encourage storytelling, a sign of active interaction with the numbers. Thoughtful financial analysis requires as many words as numbers. FD creates a common language between board members in addition to other means. Allowing those inclined to pore over the financials to communicate with those less driven by financial data. Dashboards also convey to the board the level of information that is expected — and appropriate — for them to be familiar with.

The process of developing a dashboard can help define measures of success.

When faced with time-sensitive decisions — about things like funding, program changes, and partnerships. Matter of fact it helps to have a shared understanding of the organization’s priorities and measures of success. By coming together to design a concise reporting tool. Organizational leaders are forced to make choices — simply because you can’t pay attention to everything at the same time.
Improved Visibility: Indicators provide a clear and concise overview of an organization’s financial data. While making it easier for decision makers to identify key trends and patterns.  Thus, it can help identify potential problems.
Enhanced collaboration: Dashboards can be shared with team members and other decision maker hence enabling them to collaborate effectively.

Financial analysis dashboard
financial statement dashboard

Origin of 5 Whys

BarronMoose is all about using latest technology and techniques to ensure the useability of appropriate and relevant tools. The 5 Whys method is part of the Toyota Production System. Developed by Sakichi Toyoda, a Japanese inventor and industrialist. In fact technique became an integral part of the Lean philosophy.

One of the key factors for successful implementation of the technique is to make an informed decision. This means that the decision-making process should be based on an insightful understanding of what is actually happening on the work floor.
Meanwhile, the root cause analysis process should include people with practical experience. Above all they can give you the most valuable information regarding any problem that appears in their area of expertise.

Our cash flow accountants

Sometimes cash flow forecasting can be a complex matter related to accounts and taxes. However, our cash flow accountants can impact your cash flow problems and turn them into flexible and positive solutions for your business.   
In addition, our cash flow accountants can create solutions to help with tax reliefs and make sure to plan any tax payments, so no unforeseen tax bills are pending.   
Our cash flow accountants ensure that your cash flow forecast in business will improve by mitigating the problems related to your cash flow and ensuring that your business is benefiting from the positive cash flow coming into your business.   
Therefore, implementing an accurate cash flow forecast in business will ensure your peace of mind and turn all your cash flow problems into pragmatic solutions for your business.  
Our cash flow accountants have the experience and expertise to guide you towards a positive cash flow forecast and help you with a new assessment of growth by traversing your business out of the cash flow crisis and putting forth suitable solutions.

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